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Hunting Tent
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Hunting Tent
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Setup View

1. Remove the Hunting Blind from the Storage bag. (Image 1)
2. Carefully unfold the Hunting Blind and locate the TOP CENTER STRAP. (Image 2)
3. Pull on the TOP CENTER STRAP while holding the side panel. (Image 3)
4. Several short tugs on the TOP CENTER STRAP will allow the Hunting Blind to unfold. Be patient,
the Hunting Blind may be “stiff” when it is first removed from the carton. The “umbrella-style” design
will eventually loosen up as you tug on the TOP CENTER STRAP.
5. Once the TOP CENTER STRAP is extended, grab each SIDE STRAP and pull until the
panel has been extended. (Image 4)
6. Position the Hunting Blind away from fire source and secure with stakes.
7. You do not always have to secure all sides of the Hunting Blind, depending on the amount
of wind and preferred rigidity.
8. Excessive tension may damage the frame.
9. Do not store the Hunting Blind while wet.

10. Close all windows and the door before storing.





  • This tents blind windows are deadly silent, secure and quick to open/close
  • Max-View window openings for less obstruction, more effective surveillance, and more shooting flexibility

hunting blind fabric: 300D camouflage Oxford coated PU

interior finish: black-out,PU coated interior

base dimensions: 59"L x 59"W x 65"H 

inside blind from ground to hub:measure 65"


window configurations: 11 zippered widows with replaceable shoot through mesh screens Velcro attached    

lifetime Hub system-qty.5(where each hub is fully extended their should be a center hub reinforcement patch)

hunting tent 

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